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The Bidea Score

What is it?

The Bidea Score indicates how financially viable any business idea is and its chances to succeed.
​Find out and use it to your advantage. The better the Bidea Score, the better conditions you can obtain when contracting your financial products or seeking for investment.

How is it obtained?

Bidea app uses advanced algorithms, predictive models and proven conventional financial formulas to generate accurate & valuable results for your business decisions.

The Bidea Score is obtained from the input that each individual user introduces in the questionnaire and also from proven rational statistical data for each type of industry.


The Bidea Score index ranges from 0 to 10000 points and it is determined based on more than 100 variables such as the industry, the scalability of the business, the ratio between required investment, fixed costs and expected annual turnover, and aslo the product margins within many other variables.

Loan & Debt Quality


Opening times

Profit & Loss



Distribution Channels

Type & Size

Products & Services



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Risk Score

How does it work?

Set up an account and create a questionnaire

The investors have the option to customize and create questionnaires with the questions that they might found relevant.

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Share questionnaire 
Entrepreneurs answer relevant questions

You will share the Bidea PRO questionnaire on your web or directly with your candidates. 
This questionnaire includes the questions that you have created and also relevant questions to make the Bidea algorithm work such as the industry, investment requirements, products, variable costs and fixed costs expectations.

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Bidea algorithm processes and calculates the data
Analyse the results and decide if they meet your criteria

The idea and its data get added to the investors' portfolio. The ideas can be sorted by the score obtained, risk, date and other filters that make the decisions of the investors faster and easier. 

Does the idea meet the investment criteria?
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Organize a meeting

If the idea has potential and meets the initial investing criteria, then the investor and entrepreneur can meet each other to discuss further details.
With, the investor will have a general overview and relevant data to prepare a productive meeting.

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Dissmiss idea

If the idea does not meet the criteria, dismiss the idea and save time and resources.