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for Entrepreneurs

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Starting up and scaling up a business is an extremely exciting but risky adventure. An adventure full of important decisions, uncertainty and loneliness. helps entrepreneurs to minimize the risk and to make better business decisions.


Plan your business effectively 

Optimize your business idea. Make changes on expenses, prices and opening hours to hit the sweet spot and increase your earnings and the chances to succeed.

Work with data and kill uncertanty

Obtain valuable predictions about your future business and include them on your business plan.  Businesses, driven by data have bigger chances to succeed.

Improve investment returns

Plan your expenses wisely and set the right prices for your products and services. questionnaire will boost reflective thinking about the most relevant aspects of your future business

The questionnaire will assess the scalability, opening hours, fixed costs, sales margins, loans and the amortisation of the assets of your future business.


Obtain valuable information for your business model

Break-even analysis

Break-even point calculation according to the Unitary Product Margin and Costs.

Bidea & Risk Score

They show the risk, financial viability, and the quality of a business idea.

Loan & Debt

Simulation of the Total Costs and Payments of the expected loans.


Predict the  annual turnover

Profit & Loss

Predict the projected annual, profit and loss of the potential business idea.

Opening time & cost

Overview & Optimizer of Hourly costs and daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly Opening times.

Analyze the results on the dashboard algorithm will process the data introduced by the user and will display the results on the dashboard.

The ideas will be kept confidentially under the "idea portfolio" section of the user. 

Improve the idea and take action

Detect the blind spots, weaknesses and the potential challenges of the idea and improve them. allows unlimited edits and iterations on your idea until you hit the "sweet spot".

We make it easy!  resolves complexity to provide you accurate and clear results.


Business angels, banks, and investors can customize the scoring system and metrics to filter and dismiss ideas that do not match their standards and criteria.

Free to use

Relevant functionalities like Risk Score, Bidea Score, and the observations are free to use.


We believe that Simplicity is complexity Resolved. That is why show the most relevant data in a clear and beautiful way. 

Safe & Confidential

Enterprise-grade data protection. Trust to keep your data secure and meet your compliance requirements.

Accurate uses cutting-edge algorithms and proven conventional financial formulas to create accurate and valuable results for your business decisions.

Available on all devices

Ultimate experience on all devices. is available for iOS, Android and Web app for all types of computers.
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Built for you, no matter your size or industry algorithm is design to provide accurante finantial results
for a wide vairity  of industries.

  • Art Industry

    • Artists

    •  Musicians

    •  Merchants & art agents

  • Beauty Industry

    • Hairdressers 

    • Beauty Salon

  • Café, Icecream shop
    or bakery


  • Consultancy

  • Contracting & Construction Industry

    • Plumbers

    • Electricians

    • Painters

    • Carpenters

  • Human resources

  • Marketing industry

  • Real State

  • Restaurants, Bars & Pubs

  • Retail traders

  • Self-service vending Machines

  • Takeaway food shop

  • Tech Startup

  • Transport & Mobility

  • Vehicle dealership

    • Bikes

    • Cars

    • Vans

    • Boats

  • ​Vehicle rental

    • Bicycles

    • Cars

    • Vans

    • Boats

  • ​Wholesale