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Online Business Idea Validation tool for Entrepreneurs

Evaluate the quality, risk and the financial viability of your business ideas online and for free!

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Automatic Business idea assessment system for Investors

Select and evaluate the business ideas of your candidates in an easy, fast and tidy manner.
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More than one-third of new businesses fail.

Analyze business ideas with,

and prepare for success! is a business analytics platform for entrepreneurs,  investors, and credit institutions.

Obtain an accurate evaluation of the quality, risk, and financial viability of your business ideas.

Break-even analysis

Break-even point calculation according to the Unitary Product Margin and Costs.

Bidea & Risk Score

They show the risk, financial viability, and the quality of a business idea.

Loan & Debt

Simulation of the Total Costs and Payments of the expected loans.


Predict the  annual turnover

Profit & Loss

Predict the projected annual, profit and loss of the potential business idea.

Opening time & cost

Overview & Optimizer of Hourly costs and daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly Opening times.

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